The Modern Impact Driver

DeWalt Modern Impact Driver

A vital part of a toolkit for any home handyman has to be the modern impact driver. These are generally purchased along with a drill as part of a pair, and both us 18 volt batteries that are interchangeable so they can be swapped while working so the low battery can be recharged.

The handyman may have had a battery powered drill in their tool kit for years, and this will have been a vital piece of equipment and used for all sorts of jobs. However it’s only in the last few years that a battery power drill has been genuinely powerful enough to drill large holes such as are needed and building the frame for a deck or assembling a fence post and rails. The handyman with an older battery powered drill would have had to also have an electric drill on hand for the big drilling jobs.

Bosch Modern Impact Driver

However in 2017 the price of a battery powered drill and impact driver pair has come down dramatically, and it is possible to purchase a good brand for under $150. The impact driver seems like the most amazing toy and tool for the home handyman when they first purchase it, as it can drill screws that would be simply impossible with a normal drill driver combination. The typical home handyman will go round their spare timber screwing and then removing a 150 mm screw just for the sheer pleasure of being able to do it easily.

Once they start their first major project then the real benefit of the impact driver is realised. Gone are the days of the “four inch nail” and endless hammering to assemble a deck frame or fence frame, and instead it is the self tapping 100 mm hex head galvanised screw that does the same job in a fraction of the time and 10 times safer and more accurate. The difference between hammering a 4 inch nail and driving a 100 mm screw is so stark that it brings a smile to the handyman everytime he thinks of it. The attchment is much quicker and way easier, the fixings and joins are a lot more accurate, only one screw is required compared to three or four nails, and no thumbs have been hit or injuries occurred through mishap nails.

The impact driver has been the building industry’s is best kept secret for at least a decade or more, as they have been very expensive tools in the past but have been extremely effective. Lately the cost of the lithium ion batteries have come down dramatically, and the tool manufacturers have been able to bring these quality tools to the average home handyman at a very reasonable price. They are absolutely a very essential part of any toolkit.